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and gentlemen, theth president of the united states, george w. bush. >> i appreciate you coming out here to the airport. we were just flying in from latin america. when you find a man who's got this kind of character, it makes sense to stop short of the destination and come in and say to the people in this state, put him in office and he'll be proud of the job he'll do for you. >> but in the end, kilgore was trounced. >> this showed that the president's policies in red states are drawing extreme concern. >> republicans eyeing next year's midterm elections are nervous. unlike 2002, when the president was a top draw for congressional candidates, now mr. bush's troubles have left republicans looking for distance. >> reporter: and republicans had reason to be nervous. in the next two election cycles in 2006 and 2008, democrats swept to power, first taking the house and then the whole shebang. and eight years later, it is now obama who heads to virginia with his lowest approval ratings yet, campaigning for terry mcauliffe, the race that the republicans were supposed to win. it's an off year e
to be there. >> true. >> except george w. bush, make no mistake, he wants to be in texas watching espn. it's kind of cute. i kind of like that. >> to go back again for eight more years, that's a lot on the system. it really is. some might want to. >> what do you do, move to boca. no, go to the white house and change the world. >>> coming up on "morning joe" -- in doses. coming up on "morning joe," the moderator of "meet the press," david gregory, white house press secretary, jay carney, leigh gallagher and later, celebrity chef rocco dispirito. >> are you going to put on an apron and cook? >> yeah, i'm going to put on an apron and say mmm delicious. top stories from the politico playbook. bill karins is up now. >> as far as my forecast goes for today, if you are going to be traveling in the northeast, the airports are going to be a big issue especially this morning. we have strong thunderstorms with high winds that are going to blow through the big cities. as far as right now, they are located in central pennsylvania on interstate 81. they are going to head into the big city. not even ligh
it be a replay of george w. bush never being able to recover from the be backel of katrina? >> president obama has been seen up until maybe this year into his presidency as someone who is detail oriented, cerebral, speaks in paragraphs as a college professor would. and now, as i said earlier, he's become the i don't know leader. and as president bush with katrina, he was the decider. and then what happens? then we had that shot that the white house released from the helicopter of him sitting in a cushy chair looking down on katrina, seeing the millions of people who no longer have homes. and then he said something about the head of the emergency management agency. heck of a job, you're doing a heck of a job, brownie. when it was a complete disaster. moefts moments like this in presidencies can define the second term. >> i want to pick up about the partisans on both sides. let's take a look. these are not just people on the left or the right. let's take a look at what ed schultz had to say on msnbc. >> i think that network reporters throughout the entire industry may be caught in a dilemma that
with different demographic groups, what george w. bush did was able to take his message, i won latinos by a big margin or did better with african-americans than a normal republican candidate would do and make that case in a presidential bid. >> mark murray, we'll keep track as far as clinton and these appearances in the next few days. >>> both new york times and wall street journal report immigration reform stands to become the next issue that divides the republican party, following the infighting over the government shutdown. the times reports a push to bring immigration to the house floor led by business executives and evangelical leaders threatens the party and could have a noticeable effect on campaign contributions before the midterm elections. the article goes on to indicate, several republican executives and donors parts of a lobbying blitz coming to capitol hill said they were considering withholding or had already decided to withhold future financial support to republican lawmakers. they believe are obstructing progress on immigration, the article is the work of eric lip ton who joins
, by the way, that when george w. bush a republican put that medicare part "d" drug program in, it was more unpopular than the health care law and they had terrible problems with the computers. our side, we're not so ideological. so instead of screaming about how incompetent they were, we tried to help people understand the law and make it work. >> welcome back to "hardball." isn't he great? that was former president bill clinton stumping for terry mcauliffe. coming up next, we're going to talk about what really happened in benghazi. first let's look at how the health care exchanges are working. as former president clinton just said there, the medicare part "d" program had its fair share of glitches. but the democrat rs wanted to make the program work and didn't root for its failure as the republicans are doing with the affordable care act today. and despite the problems with the federal website, the system is working and even, catch this, exceeding expectations in states that set up their own websites. dr. e sethank you for joining u. you know what you're talking about. exceeding kpl excee
, that number will not be available until mid-november. >> now we know why. karl rove served under george w. bush and was a senior adviser and assistant to the president. he's a fox news contributor. karl, six. >> we shouldn't be surprised. remember on the 16th of october delaware announced that 16 days into the program it finally signed up its first person. alaska announced as of that day it had seven. wisconsin said we have less than 50. two days later on a friday oregon announced they had zero people who had signed up. that's 18 days into the sign up. zero people who signed up for private insurance plan. south dakota announced it had 23. on monday the 20th, north dakota said we have 20 who signed up in our state. one a day for 20 days. and then they also said the department of health and human services told us not to talk about these numbers any more. don't tell what we got signed up. why should we be surprised. >> we just talked to an insurance rep who said the insurance companies are being told not to talk about it. six. it's so abysmal. the concern is rather great. you can't fill a s
up a name, never. >> it sound like another circumstance is what george w. bush referred to as the soft bigotry of low expectations. from the "washington post," eric, thank you for joining me today. >>> "reliable sources" has added a correction koecorner to its b where you can see where news reporters are correcting mistakes. you can go to cnnreliable o or #reliable. that's it for "reliable sources." if you missed any of today's program, you can find it on itunes. join us next sunday at 11:00 a.m. eastern. "state of the union with candy crowley" begins right now. >>> the week in numbers -- six. the number of americans said to have signed up for obama care on day one. 42, the president's approval rating. >>> today, barack obama's downturn. the beginning of his lame duck era,or a temporary slump? >> come january 1st, and thereafter when real people regardless of politics are getting better services and better benefits and more security, this is going to be a different story. >> other numbers -- 22, the percentage of americans with a favorable view of republicans. after the
embassies under the george w. bush administration? how did those go? >> i'm glad they had these investigations. >> they didn't have them. there were none. >> there were no diplomats killed on these attacks. our ambassador was murdered. i think that is well established. >> of course it was, yeah. >> wait a minute. weren't cia operatives and navy s.e.a.l.s at least cia operatives killed in eastern afghanistan, blown up? it was shown in the movie the hunt for bin laden. >> certainly. >> on a u.s. forward operating base. >> i'd like to know what the cia was doing in benghazi. i'd like an investigation. i'd like an investigation into the cia's war crimes. a much more serious matter. that the head of the cia destroyed the evidence of their torturing. destroyed it. [ overlapping speakers ] >> what responsibility do you believe that president obama has to make this information available to you to satisfy your curiosity? what was going on in benghazi thought was under attack? >> i'm not curious about it. i'm not. >> possibility allegations of arm straight upping. you just said you
george w. bush. the official also tells cnn the president would have been told which specific countries were being targeted in those briefings. but then, a senior administration official still insists to cnn that president obama didn't learn until recently. so which of these sources are telling the truth? jim sciutto is out front. >> reporter: administration officials tell cnn the spying of loaders of close allies such as german chancellor angela merkle took place without president obama's direct knowledge. a senior official says it's not reasonable to expect that the president would have been involved in or necessarily briefed on decisions about individual intelligence targets. in an interview at the fusion cable network president obama says his administration is reviewing the way it collects intelligence. >> what we've seen of the last several years is their capacities continue to develop and expand. and that's why we're initiating a review to make sure that what they're able to do doesn't necessarily mean that's what they should be doing. >> but he offered this defense. >> the nation
for president george w. bush nicole wallace is in new york and msnbc political analyst and visiting professor at nyu, former democratic congressman, harold ford jr. and in washington "new york times" reporter jeremy peters. >> thank you all for coming in. now we'll go back to talking about baseball. we got some stuff to talk about. we got the president obviously his approval ratings are lower. we were here to see the president. >> on location. >> health care reform. only reason we're here. also kathleen sebelius gave testimony yesterday. it was interesting. >> it was. the problems with the health care roll out along with trouble surrounding the irs, syria and nsa have left president obama with an approval rating of an all time low. a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll finds 42% approve of the job he's doing as president. that's down ten points from when he started his second term. right now 51% disapprove. for the first time in the survey the president's positive/negative rating is upside down, 45% to 41%. public pinto the gop has sunk to a new low. 22% see the party in a positive light.
intelligence committee. do you think the former president george w. bush didn't know? >> i don't know. but i think he might have. i had access, sat in with him on obviously classified briefings, the daily presidential briefing, and i don't want to give anything away that i shouldn't, but i'm not, you know, there were obvious moments when there was information that could only have come from an intercept. we would be let's say preparing for a meeting with a foreign leader, and they would say we have reason to believe the foreign leader has on his mind, it intends to raise at this meeting the following points or following objections to u.s. policy. that could be an intercepted leader or intercept of one of his advisors but there is clearly penetration of a foreign government's internal communications. i don't know. maybe they never revealed that fact in their briefings of president obama but it would be hard, if they had that information and didn't, it's a little hard to understand. >> it's hard to believe that they wouldn't tell the president of the united states, especially as he goes into a
data to support this in previous administrations. in 1987 when george h.w. bush was running, ronald reagan was reluctant to support his vice president because bob dole was also running in the republican primary. in 1998, al gore was running in the primary against bill bradley, and bill clinton didn't come out to enthusiastically support his vice president. there's a little bit of history here. but i think the difference here is that hillary clinton is such a huge, huge personality and really the seas will part for her as was mentioned a few mentioned a few moments ago with ch chuck schumer and others. we also know there is a secret letter out there urging hillary to run. so this is different momentum on her side. >> i think skrjoe biden has a l of personality. but just saying. next topic, father knows best. mother jones posted video of ted cruz father saying this about the president. >> we have our work cut out for us. we need to send barack obama back to chicago and back to kenya. >> he also compare the president to karl marx. is this just one horrible series of comments by one man
of wisconsin, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, iowa. and truthfully it's been since really the george w. bush's re-election in 2004. they haven't been tremendously competitive in these areas. i agree with chuck. the real big lift for chris christie politically begins after he gets re-elected and that is how does he take this image of being electable and win a primary. because it's going to be an exceedingly difficult thing to do. you know, interesting to watch ralph reed with the faith and freedom voters is, you know, can chris christie appeal to a faith and freedom voter. and can he run this gauntlet of a primary which is very difficult. >> why wouldn't he? again, he's pro life. he sends his kids to a christian school. seriously -- anyway. >> we'll get to obama care in a second. >> he's a conservative winning in new jersey. really quickly i want to ask you about alabama. a district right by my home town of pensacola, florida. >> thought you were going to talk about college football. >> you got bradley burn, running against dean young. this is seen as a bellwether. bradley burn, i know the guy, l
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)